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Quality accreditation is the basis for universities to create social prestige

On October 15, the Center for Educational Quality Accreditation (Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges) celebrated its 5th anniversary of establishment. Attending the celebration were Professor Tran Hong Quan – Chairman of the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges, representatives of the National Assembly’s Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children, and the Ministry of Education. Education and Training and leadership of many universities.

Speaking at the ceremony, Associate Professor Nguyen Phuong Nga – Director of the center for educational quality accreditation (Vietnam Association of Universities and Colleges) reviewed the historical context and development path of China. heart.

Right from its inception and operation, the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges has firmly affirmed: it is necessary to establish an affiliated Education Quality Accreditation Center, because this will bring important contributions. The most practical contribution to serve one of the Association’s key strategies is to improve the quality of operations of higher education institutions through quality assessment activities and affirm to society about the quality scale. The quality each higher education institution achieves according to the quality assessment standards of the Ministry of Education and Training.

The Center for Educational Quality Accreditation under the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges was established on October 16, 2015 with the English abbreviation CEA-AVU&C.

The CEA-AVU&C Center and three Quality Assurance Centers under the two National Universities and the University of Da Nang were previously established (and recently the birth of the Quality Assurance Center under the University Vinh) has created the quality accreditation system of Vietnamese higher education.

The birth of CEA-AVU&C is the most special proof, because in this system of Higher Education Quality Accreditation, CEA-AVU&C is the Center for Educational Quality Accreditation that is independent of organization and agency. state management and higher education institutions.

Currently, the organizational structure of CEA-AVU&C includes the Advisory Council, the Council for Educational Quality Accreditation, the Board of Directors, 4 functional departments with 20 full-time staff, including 15 full-time accreditors. full-time job with a strong team of 60 part-time auditors who are collaborators including educational managers, scientists, and highly qualified lecturers in many scientific fields. study and training, with extensive experience in higher education administration, training and scientific research.

Up to now, regarding the quality accreditation of educational institutions, CEA-AVU&C has evaluated 47 universities/academies and pedagogical colleges, of which they have issued certificates of educational institution quality accreditation. recognized 44 higher education institutions meeting quality standards;

Regarding training program quality accreditation, CEA-AVU&C has evaluated 21 training programs at university and master’s levels, of which 18 programs have been granted certificates of training quality accreditation. The training program meets quality standards.

The educational institutions and training programs that have been accredited by CEA-AVU&C are quite diverse, including social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, health sciences, technology and engineering sciences. , architecture and construction, transportation, language and pedagogy, culture and arts.

In parallel with the responsibility of educational quality accreditation, CEA-AVU&C has trained 82 courses for 5,000 managers and lecturers from higher education institutions across the country on quality assurance skills. educational institutions, self-assessment skills and skills to develop exam questions and tests to assess learners’ output capacity.

After 5 years, the Center for Educational Quality Accreditation under the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges (CEA-AVU&C) has affirmed its role in supporting higher education institutions to adjust Issues in higher education from macro to specific to achieve national education quality standards through education quality accreditation.

With such a foundation and solid steps, CEA-AVU&C is an independent Center for Educational Quality Accreditation, affiliated with the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges, and will continue to have many steps of development and success. new work.

It is known that the Center for Educational Quality Assurance under the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges is an official member of the Network of International Quality Assurance Organizations in Higher Education (INQAAHE – with above 300 members are higher education quality accreditation organizations from five continents around the world).

Praising and appreciating the contribution of the Quality Accreditation Center under the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges, Professor Tran Hong Quan – Chairman of the Association said that quality accreditation itself promotes quality. push schools to strive for themselves, improve their qualifications, and improve their capacity to create social prestige. “Creating social reputation is extremely important for higher education institutions and quality accreditation is the condition for assessing how prestigious that institution is,” Professor Tran Hong Quan emphasized.

Although the Quality Assurance Center has just been established and has been in operation for 5 years, the Center has tried very hard to build its organization and team by inviting many experienced managers. This is a force that serves very well for inspection.

Professor Tran Hong Quan said that in the coming time, the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges hopes that the Quality Assurance Center will continue to strive to continuously improve its capacity and access innovations in accreditation. world standards, cooperate well with other centers in the country to continue to contribute to the cause of education.

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