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Minister Phung Xuan Nha: The goal of education is not a degree

Hoang Thuy


“We must do more to make general education gradually reach standards and be disciplined; higher education aims for quality and output products that meet market needs,” the new Minister of Education said. Education Phung Xuan Nha raised his opinion.

– What are your feelings when elected by the National Assembly as head of the Education sector?

– I am happy and honored to be trusted and approved by the National Assembly to hold an important position in the Government, but I can’t help but worry because I feel the responsibility is too great. Having worked in the industry for many years, I understand the no small difficulties and hardships that previous ministers had to go through. Now placed in that position, I am deeply aware that there are many challenges ahead.

However, I believe in success because education and training are areas that the Party, State and the whole society pay special attention to. We also have many good, enthusiastic experts at home and abroad. If we can take advantage of their intelligence and enthusiasm, we won’t have to worry about the education and training sector not having a “high mountain”.

I will listen sincerely and create conditions for noble people, intellectuals as well as ordinary people to contribute ideas or offer enthusiastic thoughts.

– What is the first thing the Minister prioritizes to do when receiving a new assignment?

– I must immediately embark on continuing to drastically and creatively implement the Government’s Action Program on Fundamental and Comprehensive Innovation of Education and Training in the spirit of Resolution 29 of the Central Committee.

We must transform an education that focuses on content as the main approach to an education that focuses on teaching methods and skills based on the necessary professional knowledge to develop learners’ capacity and teach people to be human. .

To achieve that goal, the innovation of curricula, content and teaching, testing and assessment methods must be implemented scientifically and synchronously in the direction of international integration, but in accordance with the circumstances of the country. Vietnam. We must do more so that general education gradually reaches standards and becomes disciplined and orderly; Higher education aims at quality and output products that meet the needs of the labor market in the context of international integration.

– So where do you place the role of textbooks?

– For a long time, people have spent a lot of effort talking about innovating programs and textbooks, but the stories about the teachers and the story about the school are also worthy of attention.

In my opinion, books are just one of the important learning materials, not the goal of education. It is necessary to create motivation for teachers and educational management staff to actively and excitedly carry out fundamental and comprehensive educational innovation to create a true pedagogical environment in schools ( teacher becomes teacher, student becomes student and school becomes school…) and spreads to society.

– Former Minister Pham Vu Luan sees fundamental innovation in education and training as a “big battle”, what is your opinion?

– I very much share the spirit of this viewpoint. However, in my opinion education is a long-term process to develop people, for people, not a temporary achievement. Every person has the very legitimate pursuit of getting a good education, living happily, and living in a peaceful society. I am assigned the task of leading the education sector, so I must understand and respect this need.

The goal of education is to create truly humane people, education must create a good environment for people to learn throughout their lives according to the philosophy of learning to know, learning to work, learning to live together, and learn to be human.

In my opinion, observing and listening to the aspirations of the people will be one of the important and decisive reasons for the success of education. All people seek to make life better and more humane. Understanding and respecting this need is the only way to properly build educational goals, content and methods. This is a difficult task, education alone cannot do it, but must have the companionship of the family and the entire society.

Education and training is a continuous, long-term process. Implementing education and training innovation is not an army, but teachers, pupils, students, educational administrators, social organizations, businesses and parents. Our important task now is to gather resources to create some positive, groundbreaking changes in education, thereby creating trust. When society has confidence, the process of reforming education and training will be favorable.

– How do you build that trust?

– Trust must be built by investing in the right perspective and taking drastic actions to get specific results. Only by doing so can we create social trust. People in the industry must be clearly aware of their responsibilities and unified in opinion, act decisively and be confident in the success of the innovation cause. This is also one of the tasks that need to be done immediately in the industry.