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Minister Nha’s promise on the day he was assigned to lead the education sector

Xuan Trung



(GDVN) – Minister Nha believes that the need to get a good education, live happily, and live in a peaceful society are legitimate needs of any people.


Minister Phung Xuan Nha said that, facing life’s demands, facing integration, facing human needs: the need for good education, the need to live happily, the need to live in a peaceful society. jar. That is a legitimate need of any people.

“If we are assigned this task but do not pay attention to that need in a real way, it is not right, because the nature of education is that people are not intermediaries. Textbooks, programs… those are just tools to help in the process of meeting, they are not the goal or purpose.

The goal is to train truly humane people. The same is true of UNESCO’s pillars: learning to live together, learning to work, learning to know, learning to be human.

So if the only goal of education is the program and textbooks, it is not correct. The goal of education must be people,” Minister Nha said.

Also according to the Minister, in educational life, we must listen closely to people’s pursuits. Because  man’s pursuit is to live independently. Even the poorest people seek to live peacefully. Criminals themselves do not want to be criminals, but because of circumstances.

Therefore, criminal education is the tip, not the root. The root is how to educate to limit the bad and increase the good, not just stopping at the curriculum framework or textbooks or teaching methods – that is the job of teachers, they must do.

“I observe that we waste time discussing the teachers’ work. It’s your job to spread it to society, your job is how to program, how to teach and how to organize exams – that’s your job, as long as society cares about everyone having access to good  education and to bring out the good side of people.

Many people say it very well like a fundamental shift from imparting knowledge to developing capacity, everyone knows it, but the problem is how to develop it.

I come from the practice of listening to people. All human beings have the desire to make life better and more humane, and from that point back to education, how to combine. Why do we keep blaming it all on education?

School – family – society. Where is society? No matter how hard we try in education, the social environment and community do not accompany us, we only comment and cry, it is not enough,” Minister Nha raised the issue.

In the past, people spent a lot of effort talking about innovating programs and textbooks, but that was the story of the teachers, the story of the school. With such target requirements, what should teachers do? This is what Minister Phung Xuan Nha set out.

According to the Minister, we make demands on people, not on curriculum and textbooks. Because that is the job of the teachers and the school.

If teachers cannot meet the output goals, textbooks cannot solve anything. That is just an intermediate step in process management, not goal management.

For example, high school students finish school: obedient, basic, disciplined. But from vocational training onwards, it must be professional. Thus, universal human education is the seedbed from which many people follow doctors, this profession, that profession.

It’s like the foundation. From there, he became a doctor, worker, and technician. From then on, everyone will be equal and respectful to each other. It is impossible for a professor to look down on a worker.

What would America be like without black people? If we look at the division of work, it will be different from the lower-class way of looking at it. In us, somewhere we still have that perspective. As long as society still has an inferior view, it will still be unfair.

“I approach it that way, without jumping into what the program or textbooks are. That is the duty of the deputy ministers and department heads to do. You guys how I guide, I check.

It is a large project, built for many years. I believe that education is not a battle, education is people, it is a large project that is continuously built for many years.

If you do it like the campaign, you’ll finish it and then turn it off. People are not campaigns, people are not winners and losers. I believe there is no such thing as winning or losing. Our job is to create trust. Only when society has faith in education will it win. “If you don’t have faith in education, you will still fail,” Minister Nha stated.

So how is trust built? Minister Phung Xuan Nha said that according to his perception. There are jobs that only people in the industry discuss with each other. There are tasks that the whole society can discuss together. Don’t mix the two.

“Tell the Minister to do A, B, C, D, that is not the Minister’s job. But the Minister must arrange and create direction, especially create excitement so that people have confidence and excitement. Now we must blow pride and excitement into millions of teachers, and even blow shame (if any) into millions of teachers to get them excited.

Teachers are “soul engineers”, very sensitive, more sensitive than artists. When they are sad, how can they “compose”? Therefore, before society believes, people in the industry must believe. We must encourage, not scold or criticize teachers,” said Minister Phung Xuan Nha.