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Education and training in the eyes of students

As of 2018, the number of pedagogical students graduating each year is about 60,930 students. Of which, there are 19,200 students trained as primary school teachers, 18,700 in middle school and 23,030 in high school.

Even though up to now, the Ministry of Education and Training has increased the average number of students/teachers to the level of industrialized countries, by 2020, the system will not be able to recruit all newly graduated teachers. There are still a surplus of about 70,100 teachers (41,000 teachers for primary school, 12,200 for secondary school and 16,900 for high school).

The problem is that while the number of pedagogical students graduating every year is large, schools lack a team of highly qualified and specialized teachers who can meet the requirements of fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education.

Through experience in specialized pedagogical training in a number of countries around the world, Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Van Quan, Hanoi Capital University, opined that training institutions must determine to train “teachers as workers.” professional career movement”. Professionalism in teachers’ professional work requires teacher training institutions to be pioneering and professional places.

The teacher training process must be designed and organized closely with the reality of school life, ensuring a close relationship between teacher training and fostering according to a process consisting of 3 stages: before vocational training teachers, teacher training and professional workers at preschool or general education establishments.

Currently, awareness of the importance of scientific research in teacher training is insufficient. The reason is partly due to low research funding and lack of lecturers doing scientific research. If it were a research university, both of these problems could be solved.

The strategy for developing pedagogy in the network of universities needs to be improved to match the general trend in the world of research universities: Research associated with teaching and training.