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Accredit education quality to affirm position and training products

(GDVN) – The expert delegation affirmed that they will carry out fair, impartial and professional assessments in educational quality accreditation.

That is the assertion of Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nga, Director of the Center for Educational Quality Accreditation (Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges) at the opening ceremony “official survey for external assessment at Duy Tan University” (Da Nang) December 27.

It is expected that this survey will take place from December 27-31 with the participation of many center officials, inspectors, and observers.

A delegation of experts surveyed and accredited education quality at Duy Tan University (Da Nang). Photo: An Nguyen

A delegation of experts surveyed and accredited education quality at Duy Tan University (Da Nang). Photo: An Nguyen

On Duy Tan University’s side, there are the school’s Board of Directors, Self-Evaluation Council and representatives of leaders of units, departments, mass organizations of the University, representatives of lecturers and students.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nga affirmed that educational quality accreditation is an effective tool to confirm the quality of the school’s training products, as well as the scientific research that the school transfers. for the social community.

This is not the first time Duy Tan University has been accredited for educational quality.

Right from the first quality assessment in 2008-2009, this school was one of 20 schools selected to implement quality assessment.

“At that time, the school did not have any scientific research published.

But compared to the results seven years ago, Duy Tan University has made great changes, especially in terms of teaching staff, scientific products, and many training codes.

Among them, we must mention the fields of Medicine and Pharmacy, which are training fields that require investment in expensive equipment,” Ms. Nga said.

The results achieved over the past seven years are the school’s progress in quality.

“And in order to be transparent and confirm with the social community about the position and quality of its output products, Duy Tan University has conducted a school quality audit,” Ms. Nga added.

On behalf of the inspection team experts, Ms. Nga emphasized that she will comply with the Center’s core values and action guidelines: Fair – impartial – professional in the inspection task.

According to the educational quality accreditation process issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, experts will conduct accreditation and evaluation according to a set of 10 standards and 61 criteria.

Ms. Nga also expressed her confidence that the school’s leadership, staff, lecturers and students at the school will support providing the most authentic information and evidence. Enthusiastically attended the interviews of the external evaluation expert team.

Talking to Vietnam Education Electronic Newspaper, a member of the survey team said that the accreditation process will also point out the school’s shortcomings in the training process.

From there, the school will make appropriate changes to improve training quality.

After inspection, the Center will also issue a certificate of pass or fail to the school.

Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, Vice Principal of Duy Tan University, said that the school will create favorable conditions for the survey team to work.

“After domestic accreditation, the school will also proceed to international accreditation, accreditation for each specific major” said Dr. Hai.

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