1. Accrediting education institutions: evaluating and awarding accredited certificate to universities/ colleges/schools and education programs meeting the requirements of the National Standards of  Accreditation;
2. Providing consultancy services on education quality assurance solutions, quality maintainance and enhancement;
3. Offering evaluating services to satisfy education institutions‘ needs;
4. Cooperating with quality assurance and accreditation organisations of ASEAN (ASEAN-QA và AQAN), APQN, INQAHEE and other international acrediting agencies to evaluate and award their certificate to education institutions and education programs that meet their accrediting standards.
5. Delivering and participating in training workshop for education evaluators, accreditors and education quality assuracne professionals;
6. Providing training workshop on measurement and evaluation.
7. Researching on education measurement and evaluation, quality assurance, accreditation; and university ranking.

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